Smart Wireless World & IoT

Developing the core capacity to lead the IoT era with innovation solutions that
connect and aggregate information based on accumulated info-communications technology.

  • (주)모다
  • (주)니즈텔레콤


Creation of a high-value added business platform
for the production of original cultural content that enhances the joy of living.

  • 아이템베이
  • 아이템매니아
  • 파티게임즈
  • 코코아비전
  • 플레이어옥션

Life Technology

Contact-type solutions development using innovative technology for healthier and
fuller living including low molecular technology of a core microorganism base


A patchwork for creating
a more attractive world
and broader horizons
through connectivity

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The motif of MODA’s CI includes a beautiful patchwork of our unique traditions that have been passed down.

The spontaneous establishment of new relationships among disparate entities, and the ever mightily expanding patchwork of diversity and progressiveness is the beautiful icon that Team MODA has become as a global contents company in this ultra-connected society it takes a step forward and broadens once unknown horizons.

The 3 triangles and strokes that make up the “M” in MODA are comprised of 3 different colors symbolizing the strong, unifying synergy effect of Team MODA.


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Transparent information is the most useful information.
MODA Inc. will create a new tomorrow for all that is bright and healthful.

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